Un Expo per tutti

The project UN EXPO PER TUTTI, funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and realized from the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences – Production, Landscape, Agroenergy (DiSAA) – University of Milan, aims to bring the general public about the issues that characterize the event EXPO Milan 2015, in order to promote conscious and informed participation.

The project provides for the organization and the realization of information measures relating to issues FOOD SECURITY * that, nationally and worldwide, will be addressed in the coming decades. Ample space will be devoted to moments of dissemination of results of national and international research most innovative in the field of sustainable intensive agriculture, considered one of the possible solutions to ensure enough food for the growing world population.


With the project were carried out a series initiatives through which you can discover and discuss aspects of research in the food industry and the environment. Researchers at DiSAA have transferred their studies, the results of their research and some of their laboratory or field in the roll-up that you will see in this exhibition.

Thematic areas

The themes are divided in 6 thematic areas


Three different activities are proposed

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