The current configuration of intensive agriculture is characterized by substantial use of natural resources, technical input and high-quality energy, resulting in significant negative impacts on the environment quality and production of large amounts of wastes.

At the same time, the products of agriculture have nearly always lost their territorial connotations and the community is struggling to recognize the role of agriculture as a garrison of a territory that requires both to be preserved and to be utilized also under the points of view of landscape and cultural heritage.
For the future, the goal to strive for is the development, in the agricultural systems, of approaches and technologies able to ensure the people’s food security and to protect the environment as a

whole, without contributing to the depletion of non-renewable natural resources but, on the contrary, recovering from waste materials alternative (“green”) forms of energy and/or new substances possibly exploitable for industrial applications.
This section contains some of the solutions that agricultural research proposes to pursue this objective.

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