Emerging countries

When it comes to food and nutrition, the theme of cooperation is immediately evoked.

And in fact, the problem of eliminating hunger is, along with that of health and education, one of the major issues that question the conscience of the whole planet, but primarily the richest countries.
It is for this reason that governments and civil society reserve lot of effort to encourage the countries worst affected by chronic conditions of food insufficiency suitable conditions to develop an agricultural and food sector able to meet local needs, to transfer technologies appropriate to the context, to ensure a balanced and sustainable use of natural resources, to improve skills and human capital, to create, ultimately, a cultural, social and economic environment capable to spread everywhere the right to food.

The university, as a subject both institutional and related to civil society, in this challenge has a leading role. Cooperation in education and science, in fact, allows to intervene in all aspects mentioned above in a dimension of partnership and sharing of knowledge. So this is not to “bring progress”, but to exchange experiences, knowledge, visions and perspectives. It is a question of sharing intellectual resources and technical-scientific in a common effort to promote peace and stability by overcoming basic needs, and among them the need to fight hunger.

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