Often we do not realize that farming is not limited to the production of food or raw materials.

When driving along a rural road we consider normal to see around us a variety of trees, shrubs and herbage. If we walk on an unpaved road through the fields we do not care on who maintains that road. The land, landscape and biodiversity are the three aspects that we must consider in order to understand the role of agriculture. Often these functions are included in the multi-functionality of the agricultural system meaning that farmers with their activity also perform functions other than the production of food (which remains one of the main objectives).

Just think, for example, at the maintenance of irrigation canals, of farm roads, but also to the preservation of the rural buildings. All this contributes to the connotation of the landscape, which defines a territory with a benefit for the community. Also looking to the environment, agricultural activity has positive effects maintaining a high level of biodiversity and quality of an area.
In this section you will find some answers to your questions on this issue.

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